February 2022

6 Week Pre-List Challenge • Week 6  Clean, Stage & Decorate   

Posted on Feb 16, 2022 in Pre-Listing Challenge

CONGRAULATIONS!  You did it!   

Right now, we want you to go through your home and take pictures of the different rooms.  It doesn't matter if it's a mess, these pictures are just for you.  The best way to do it is try to capture each corner of each room, like this picture of Deb's kitchen.

Ok, go!

We'll wait ;)

Ok, have you taken the pictures?  Fantastic!


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6 Week Pre-List Challenge • Week 5 • Paint & Neutralize

Posted on Feb 09, 2022 in Pre-Listing Challenge

We told you fun stuff was coming in the next couple of weeks!  And not only that, but you are nearly done the challenge - and you are done the tougher stuff too!  You're doing AWESOME, keep it up!

For us, this is probably our favourite task in pre-listing a home, as it completely transforms a space. However, it's also one of the biggest challenges wit...

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6 Week Pre-List Challenge • Week 4 • Leave No Lightbulb Unturned

Posted on Feb 02, 2022 in Pre-Listing Challenge

OK Week 4 coming at you!

For this week, you should have a handyman/handywoman lined up to come to your home.  So it's time to prepare for them to arrive!


Have your handyman/handywoman make the necessary repairs that you found throughout your home last week. If you tell them you are preparing your home to put on the market, they may take the liber...

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