Week 5 Living Room Clean Out

In week 5 we are focusing on the living room. The living room can be one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep neat daily because it gets a lot of use, and living rooms don't usually offer a lot of storage features. We've come up with some ways to help keep your space tidy and manageable! 


As always, we recommend having a few things on hand to make the decluttering process easier and more productive:

  • Totes to sort items you want to sell, trash, or donate
  • Decorative Baskets
  • Zip ties
  • Cleaning Supplies - bleach, vinegar, cloth, and paper towel
  • It's best to declutter this space regularly.
  • Decide on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items, such as remote controls, magazines, and books.


  • Invest in functional furniture! storage space is something you can never quite have enough of. That's why furniture pieces like ottomans with storage work great to hide toys, extra blankets, or gaming consoles. 
  • Use zip ties to keep wires together no one likes to see tangled TV cables this is a great way to keep cords tidy. 
  • Designating a drawer or basket for remotes, headphones, and gaming accessories will make your home feel tidy while still allowing easy access. 
  • Give EVERY item a home. 
  • Keeping your decor to a minimum will help you maintain a cohesive design.
  • Keep a small catch-all basket out. It's inevitable that clutter will find its way back to your living room over time. When the basket becomes full, it's your cue to designate a home for each of those items. 


First, start with your bookcases, side tables, coffee table, and entertainment center. Empty them, assess the items, and then place each item back in its proper storage space.

As you've collected items in your living room, perhaps your pretty aesthetic has become too busy. Before you begin putting your belongings away, consider what you should keep and what should be removed. For each belonging, think about whether or not your living room is its appropriate home. 

Living Rooms can collect a lot of electronics. Are you using it? Does it work? Chargers and gaming equipment should be stored where you use them. 

Finally, if you have children tackle the toys. Inspect every toy for wear and tear. Do your kids still play with it? Recycle or store each toy.