Week 4 Garage Clean Out

Week 4 is all about the garage! Now that the season is changing and we're headed into spring this would be a great time to organize and declutter the garage! With our garage cleaning tips, cleaning out the garage won't have to be such a chore anymore. You'll be able to keep it clutter-free so it's easier to manage. 


We recommend having a few things on hand to make the decluttering process easier and more productive:

  • Totes to sort items you want to sell, trash, or donate
  • Permanent Marker
  • Labels
  • Totes for storage
  • Cleaning Supplies - bleach, vinegar, cloth, and paper towel
  • Open Shelving
  • Hooks for garden hoses and extension cords


1. First, we recommend figuring out how you envision your garage to look. 

2. Let's start with having 5 - 7 totes that are labeled, this will help you put items where they belong. Start in sections, and when you come across an item place it in the corresponding tote. 

Some label suggestions could be Winter Gear, Painting, Auto Care, Seasonal Decor, and Tools. Everyone's garage is going to look different depending on your needs. 

3. If you already follow the tote system it's a great idea to open each one up and make sure that only those items are in there.

4. Grouping items together like cleaning supplies and pantry products will help keep your garage organized.

5.Things that should be let go are: outgrown toys, items that are broken beyond repair, expired household chemicals (which may need special disposal), and anything you haven't used in two years or more.