6 Week Pre-Listing Challenge • Week Two • De-Personalize

Woo hoo!  You made it to week 2!  Week 1 wasn't so bad, was it?  And didn't it feel ah-maaaayyy-zing to get that done?  Imagine how you'll feel when all 6 weeks are over!  

So... what's next?

We're sure you knew this one was coming... it is time to de-personalize your home!

This is where we get the most hesitation from clients, so please listen to us when we say this:

De-Personalizing your home is as much for you as it is for the buyers coming through.

We say this from the heart and from experience.  Here's Brooke's story:

"When we listed our house a couple of years ago, we had a beautiful family gallery and pictures all over the place.  Our stamp was on that house everywhere, and we loved it dearly.  I remember being so sad to take down everything to get it ready to list, but here's the thing:

Once our family imprint was off the home, I was able to emotionally detach from the house and it didn't feel as much like ours anymore.  We had actually tried to list it a couple of years prior to that, and I just couldn't go through with it because I was so emotionally tied to the house!  Once it was neutralized, I realized all those memories on the wall would come with us, and it was much easier for me to see it more like a business transaction...  the buyers weren't buying my memories, and home truly is where the heart is"

So...  Here's your Week 2 assignment!


Take down all pictures of you and your family members, as well as any signs and decor with your name, plaques, etc.  

Prince Albert is a smaller city, and buyers will spend a lot of time figuring out who the sellers are if you leave pictures hanging, certificates up, etc.  We've even had buyers try to use this info as leverage in their negotiations, so don't leave any proof its your home you're selling!  

The removal of pictures and everything else applies in the Primary Bedroom, too.  Wedding pictures in the most personal spaces of a home can make buyers subconsciously quite uncomfortable, which is exactly the opposite feeling you want to trigger in a buyer!

** The only exception to the de-personalizing is children's rooms, as this is a big change already for them and some don't like the change going on in the rest of the house.  If this is the case, let their room stay unchanged.  You want them to feel as safe as you can with all these changes swirling around them. Once they see what their new room will be like in your new home, they might be more open to helping you pack their room up.  Ultimately, you know your children best and what each one's comfort level is. 

Fill any holes in walls and smooth over.  Don't worry about replacing with art (yet) or repainting, as that is further down our journey! 

We know, taking pictures down and packing them away doesn't sound like a big task this week. 
Once you start, however, it may take you longer than you'd think.  
Embrace the memories and pack them away carefully, 
as these are some of your most priceless possessions :)

Don't forget to de-clutter another room this week!  Take a before and after picture and post #heartandhomechallenge for us to see your progress!  This will also keep you accountable :). 

Speaking of accountable, have you contacted us to come see your home yet and be your Accountability Partner?  You could also use a friend or family member, but you'll want someone with fresh eyes to come check in every so often.  This is so important!
BONUS - For the Pet Owners
This is also where you start to think about your pets and their things. We love our pets and they are an extension of the 
family, but we have honestly had people say no to seeing a good home countless times just because they saw a cat or dog dish in the pictures!  If it's possible for your pet(s) to go stay with a family member once your home goes up for sale, this is the time to start having that discussion and making arrangements.  Sometimes pets sneak out the door during showings, too, and we don't want your fur baby to get lost.

If you don't have anywhere for your furry friend to go, then you'll want to put the cat litter somewhere hidden, as well as all the pet toys, bed, food and dishes all put away neat and tidily.  Some people take the pets and gear with them when they leave for a showing, which works too!  Yes, it's a pain, but in this market with all this pre-list work you're doing, hopefully your home won't be on the market long for it to matter anyway!


Good luck!  
This is probably the biggest emotional hurdle of the challenge, but don't let that stop you!  
Feel all the feels, embrace the change, and this might be a great time to give yourself and your family 
a reward night once it's done.  We are proud of you!

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