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Week 5 Living Room Clean Out

Posted on Feb 21, 2023

In week 5 we are focusing on the living room. The living room can be one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep neat daily because it gets a lot of use, and living rooms don't usually offer a lot of storage features. We've come up with some ways to help keep your space tidy and manageable! 


As always, we recommend having a f...

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Week 4 Garage Clean Out

Posted on Feb 14, 2023

Week 4 is all about the garage! Now that the season is changing and we're headed into spring this would be a great time to organize and declutter the garage! With our garage cleaning tips, cleaning out the garage won't have to be such a chore anymore. You'll be able to keep it clutter-free so it's easier to manage. 


We recomme...

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Week 3 Kitchen Clean Out

Posted on Feb 03, 2023

For this week's clean out we are focusing on the kitchen!  Although everyone's kitchen is different, we hope you can take away some helpful tips and tricks. Remember, the objective is to clear the clutter! This clean out with take a little longer than the previous clean-outs, we warmed you up to this one ;) 


We recommend having...

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Week 2 Bathroom Clean Out

Posted on Jan 26, 2023

We are back with week 2 of the de-clutter challenge, yay! Today's post is all about how to declutter your bathroom. Most of us start and end our days in the bathroom. This post is to help make your bathroom a place you feel good in!

We have plenty of simple tips to clear the clutter, including how to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, and n...

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7 Weeks to a Clutter-Free Home

Posted on Jan 25, 2023

We're excited to be kicking off a new year with a new challenge! During the next 7-weeks we will tackle a new area of your home together and dive into how to live a clutter-free life. By sharing tips and tricks to help you along the way, our goal is to help you achieve that clutter-free life!

We know this can be challenging and overwhelming to start...

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6 Week Pre-List Challenge • Week 6  Clean, Stage & Decorate   

Posted on Feb 16, 2022 in Pre-Listing Challenge

CONGRAULATIONS!  You did it!   

Right now, we want you to go through your home and take pictures of the different rooms.  It doesn't matter if it's a mess, these pictures are just for you.  The best way to do it is try to capture each corner of each room, like this picture of Deb's kitchen.

Ok, go!

We'll wait ;)

Ok, have you taken the pictures?  Fantastic!


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